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  1. Nickie Roome

    I was interested in the Plygain clip and the carol Baban Bach which is sung so beautifully. Is there any sheet music available for this please? I’d like to introduce it to a small group I sing with in Devon. We sing music from many lands and mostly early music. I’ve so far only been able to find this one clip on YouTube for Plygain. If you know of any more resources I’d love to hear about them. I lived in Llanon near Aberystwyth as a child in the 1950s. I don’t remember Plygain from then but the harmonies tug at my heart whenever I hear them.

    • Peter Owens

      Check out:
      Hen Garolau Cymru
      60 O Garolau Plygain
      ed. Arfon Gwily (2006)
      ISBN: 0-900426-95-0



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