Dacw ‘Nghariad

Dacw ’nghariad i lawr yn y berllan,
O na bawn i yno fy hunan,
Dacw’r tŷ a dacw’r ‘sgubor,
Dacw ddrws y beudy’n agor.

Dacw dderwen wych ganghennog,
Golwg arni sydd dra serchog,
Mi arhosaf dan ei chysgod
Nes daw `nghariad i `nghyfarfod.

Dacw’r delyn, dacw’r tannau,
Beth wyf well heb neb i’w chwarae?
Dacw’r feinwen hoenus fanwl,
Beth wyf well heb gael ei meddwl?


Dacw ‘Nghariad

—My Love is Yonder

My love is yonder in the orchard; how I wish I could be there myself. Third verse: there’s the harp and its strings, but what use is it with no-one to play it? There’s my vivacious maiden, but what use is that if I can’t win her mind? Sung by a travelling taylor in Llangamarch, Breconshire, around 1828.

Caneuon Traddodiadol Y Cymry

The notation for this song and more is available in the collection Traditional Songs of the Welsh

There’s my sweetheart down in the orchard,
Oh how I wish I were there myself!
There’s the house and there’s the barn;
There’s the door of the cowshed open.

There’s the magnificent branching oak,
Such a loving sight
I’ll wait in its shade
Until my love comes to meet me.

There’s the harp, there are its strings;
What better am I, with no-one to play for?
There’s my fine vivacious sweetheart
How much nearer am I, without gaining her attention?

A version by Eve Goodman on the Sofar channel


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