Paid â Deud

Os yw’th galon bron a thorri
Paid â deud
Am fod serch dy fron yn oeri,
Paid â deud,
Ac os chwalu mae d’obeithion,
Paid â deud;
Ni ddaw neb i drwsio’th galon,
Paid â deud.

Pan fo stormydd byd yn gwgu
Paid â deud;
A gelynion yn dy faeddu,
Paid â deud;
Ac os weithiau byddi’n llwyddo,
Paid â deud;
Hawdd i’th lwydd fynd trwy dy ddwylo
Wrth it ddweud.




Paid â Deud

—Don’t Tell

The wisdom of not revealing too much, despite the trials of life (the exact opposite of what therapists would advise today!). Noted in Llanllyfni, Gwynedd.

If your heart is near breaking
Do not tell
Because the love of your breast is cooling,
Do not tell,
And if your hopes are shattering,
Do not tell;
No one will come to mend your heart,
Do not tell.

When the storms of the world frown
Do not tell;
And enemies defeat you,
Do not tell;
And if sometimes you succeed,
Do not tell;
It’s easy for your success to slip through your hands
When you tell.

Caneuon Traddodiadol Y Cymry

The notation for this song and more is available in the collection Traditional Songs of the Welsh

Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog and Gwyneth Glyn sing Paid a Deud

… and here’s a version by Gildas


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