Rew Di Ranno

Diofal yw’r aderyn,
Ni hau, ni fed un gronyn,
Heb un gofal yn y byd
Mae’n canu ar hyd y flwyddyn.

Fe eistedd ar y gangen
Gan edrych ar ei aden,
Heb un geiniog yn ei god,
Yn llywio a bod yn llawen.

Fe fwyty’i swper heno,
Ni ŵyr ym mh’le mae’i ginio;
Dyna’r modd y mae yn byw, –
A gado i Dduw arlwyo.

Rew di Ranno

The song describes the carefree life of a bird, with a chorus of mouth-music. Noted from a singer who had heard it in Anglesey.

The translation which follows is literal, for information only and is not intended to be sung.

Carefree is the bird,
He doesn’t sow or reap one bit,
Without a care in the world
He sings throughout the year.

He sits on the branch
Looking at his wing,
Without a penny in his pocket,
Ruling (ie making pronouncements) and being merry.

He’ll eat his supper tonight,
He doesn’t know where dinner will be;
That’s the way he lives, –
And leaves the catering to God.

The notation for this song and more is available in the collection
Traditional Songs of the Welsh



Carreg Lafar have recorded the song under the name Aderyn Bach. Click or tap the picture to listen on Soundcloud. You’ll notice that their version includes several traditional ‘floating verses’ which don’t appear in Arfon’s version.

Carreg Lafar


Ryland Teifi sang the song as part of the Ffwrnes Gerdd series


Gwilym Bowen Rhys uses the tune of Rew Di Ranno but with alternative 19th century lyrics on his album Groth y Ddaear. This version is called Canu’n Iach i Arfon and you can listen to it below, and read the lyrics with translation to English here.


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