Tra Bo Dau

Mae’r hon a gâr fy nghalon i
Ymhell oddi yma’n byw,
A hiraeth am ei gweled hi
A’m gwnaeth yn llwyd fy lliw.

Cyfoeth nid yw ond oferedd,
Glendid, nid yw yn parhau,
Ond cariad pur sydd fel y dur
Yn para tra bo dau.

Mil harddach yw y deg ei llun
Na gwrid y wawr i mi,
A thrysor mwy yw serch fy mun,
Na chyfoeth byd a’i fri.

O’r dewis hardd ddewisais i
Oedd dewis lodes lân
A chyn bydd `difar gennyf fi
O rhewi wnaiff y tân.

Os claf o serch yw `nghalon i,
Gobeithio’i bod hi’n iach!
Rwy’n caru’r tir lle cerddo hi
Dan wraidd fy nghalon fach.

Tra Bo Dau

– While Two Remain

One of Wales’ favourite love-songs, with a chorus after each verse: Wealth is nothing but vanity, Beauty doesn’t last, but pure love is solid as steel and will last while two remain.

Noted in Cricieth.

The notation for this song and more is available in the collection
Traditional Songs of the Welsh


She whom my heart loves
Lives far from here,
And longing to see her
Is making me grey.

Wealth is only vanity,
Splendour does not last,
But true love, which is like steel,
Lasts while there are two.

To me she is a thousand times more beautiful
Than the blush of dawn,
Her love a greater treasure
Than the wealth and prestige of the world

From the choice of beauty
I chose a fair lady
And fire will freeze
Before I regret my choice

Even if my heart is love-sick
I hope she is well!
I love the ground she walks on
From the bottom of my heart.

Here are two more versions of the song by Lowri Evans and Sorela

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