Y Ddau Farch

Pan oeddwn ar foreddydd
Tal and the doodle and the doodle and the day,
Yn rhodio ma’s o’m cufydd,
Cyfarfod wneuthum â dau farch
Yn ymgom ar y mynydd.
Rei tal and the doodle and the doodle and the day,
Yn ymgom ar y mynydd.

Dywedai y cel gwannaf
`Nawr wrth y ceffyl cryfaf –
“Fe fum i undydd yn fy mharch
Yn gystal march â thitha.”

“Pan es yn hen glunhercyn
Ces gario yd i’r felin,
A beth ddigwyddodd i fy rhan
Ond gogred gwan o eisin.

“Tynasant fy mhedola`
Gyrasant fi i’r mynydda`,
A thra bo anadl yn fy ffroen
Ni ddeuaf byth tuag adra.”

Y Ddau Farch

—The Two Horses

An old horse recalls his youth and describes to a younger horse the sadness of his old age.

Noted in Llangeitho, Ceredigion.

Other artists’ versions of this song can be heard online at Amazon :

The notation for this song and more is available in the collection
Traditional Songs of the Welsh

The translation which follows is literal, for information only and is not intended to be sung.

One morning when I was out walking
I met two horses chatting on the mountain

Said the weaker horse to the stronger
“I was my day as good a horse as you.

When I got old and fragile they let me carry wheat to the mill,
But my share was just a pathetic sieveful of husks.

They pulled off my shoes, they drove me to the mountains,
And while there’s breath in my nostrils I’ll never come home.”

Alaw with their version of ‘Y Ddau Farch’, followed by the tune ‘Gwel Yr Adeilad’.

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  1. David Thomas

    Syniad ardderchog. Diolch Arfon.


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